Religious Women

1. CMC


Carmel Convent-Canada

“How wonderful are the good things you keep for those who honor you! Everyone knows how good you are, how securely you protect those who trust you”. (Psalm 31:19)

It was the will of God the Father Almighty to start CMC mission in Canada. He heard the cry of His people through the prayers of Mar. Jose Kalluvelil, the first Bishop of the Syro Malabar Exarchate in Canada.  To fulfill God’s will Mar. Jose Kalluvelil approached the CMC Sisters, the first indigenous congregation of sisters in Kerala. Our Major Superiors took a bold step trusting in God’s providence and responded positively and whole heartedly. Through fervent prayers before the Holy Eucharist and discussions with the Superiors and Councils, means and members for this mission was found.

The General Council decided to start a CMC convent in Canada with 5 members. All the 22 different provinces donated $15/members.   Superior General, Mother Siby appointed Sr. Jeslin (KTA) as the first Superior for the new Carmel Convent in Canada with Sr. Celine Rose (TSR), Sr. Margaret (Pala), Sr. Philsy (KPLY) and Sr. Jais Maria (IDK) as the first community members. Sisters Sr. Jeslin (KTA) and Sr. Celine Rose (TSR) came to Canada on July 12, 2016 along with Sr. Sheena, Sr. Geena and Sr. Ann Jyothis to set up the convent. The sisters were warmly welcomed in the Bishop’s House by Mar. Jose Kalluvelil and the other Priests of the Exarchate. It was a great blessing from God that the sisters could attend a special Holy Mass (memorial Mass for Mar James Pazhayatill late Bishop of Irinjalakuda) celebrated by Mar. Jose Kalluvelil on the same day at St. Alphonsa Cathedral and the sisters were introduced to the Parish community thereafter.  

God’s will was fulfilled on July 16th, 2016 when the CMC Convent was inaugurated.  The seed of CMC sprouted in Canada. The inauguration ceremony by Mar. Jose Kalluvellil started with the dedication of the chapel and blessing of the Convent building followed by Solemn Holy Mass. There were 10 priests, 20 CMC sisters from different parts of United States and parishioners of this Exarchate witnessed this memorable event.

Mar Jose Kalluvelil assigned the sisters to assist the Parishes and the Exarchate through prayers and service. Sisters help in the faith formation of the faithful especially the women and children, through Catechism, Youth Ministry, Home Visit, Unit Prayer Meetings and more. By the grace of God, on the very first day onwards we started the home mission.

Sr. Margaret (Pala) arrived from Kerala, India on November 19th, 2016. With the arrival of Sr. Philsy (KPLY) and Sr. Jais Maria (Idukki) from Kerala, India on December 27th, 2016, the Convent was able to continue the ministry with the full force. Now all 5 sisters are fully dedicated in the different ministries within the Exarchate for the Glory of God.    

Sr Superior: Rev. Sr. Jeslin CMC
Sr. Margaret, Sr. Philsy, Sr. Jeslin
Sr. Celine Rose & Sr. Jais Maria

1452 Evenside Crest., Mississauga
ON L5M 3X7
Tel: +1 905-499-4715

 Website: Congregation of the Mother of Carmel




 AO Sisters

The institute of the Apostolic Oblates was found by Bishop William Giaquinta in Rome, Italy in 1950. It is an international Secular Institute of Pontifical right. Apostolic Oblates dedicate their lives to Jesus in the mission of holiness, taking vows of Chastity, Poverty, Obedience and a Promise of Apostolate .All the oblates are called to live the spirituality of redemptive love. The fragrance of their charism, universal call to holiness , is now spread in Italy, United states, Belgium, India , Malta, Russia, Holand and Canada.
Members of Apostolic Oblates share in the Church’s mission on evangelization. The main field of their apostolate is the Pro Sanctity Movement. All theirspiritual activities are aiming to the formation of conscience only through which sanctification is possible. They are working in every fields:- Parishes, Schools, Hospitals, tailoring centers, hostels, printing press etc….By conducting Pro Sanctity mission, house visiting, conventions, retreats, seminars, camps, Bible classes etc…they are helping people of all ages to live a life of holiness.

On April 11, 2017 Apostolic Oblates Institute started a house in Syro – Malabar Exarchate Canada. Four members from Kerala came to Canadaat Toronto. They do their apostolate in St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Church at Scarborough. This house was blessed by Bishop Mar Jose Kalluvelil on April 12, 2017 .

Sr. Superior: Rev. Sr. Lissy AO
Sr. Jessy, Sr. Sumy, Sr. Lissy & Sr. Jyothy

25 Yorkshire, Scarborough ON m1k 3v7
Tel: +1 416 602 3024

Website: Apostolic Oblates


3. CHF


Congregation of the Holy Family (CHF)

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying,”whom shall I send, and who will go
for us.” And I said,” Here I am., send me” (IS 6/8)

June 8, 2017 is a remarkable day in the annals of the congregation of the Holy Family. It was on this day that God blessed the congregation to start a mission at Mississauga in the Syro-Malabar Exarchate, Canada to share in the redemptive work of the Church in its fullness and depth under the guidance of His Excellency Mar Jose Kalluvelil. Congregation of the Holy Family was founded on 14th May 1914 by Blessed Mariam Thresia, the patroness of families in Punthenchira in the then Diocese of Thrissur, Kerala.Venerable Fr.Joseph Vithayathil is the co-founder.


Sr. Superior: Rev. Sr. Prasanna Thattil CHF
Sr. Valsa Therese, Sr. Prasanna & Sr. Floweret

419 Comiskey Cresent,
Mississauga ON L5W 0C7
Tel: +1 416-602-7646

Website: CHF