MOTTO    “To know the only true God”   (Jn 17:3)
We envisage motivating the young ones to know God, to believe in Him and to lead God centered lives through faith formation. 
To inform about the authenticity and relevance of catholic faith principles in a culture that is increasingly diverse, complex and challenging.

To form them to be better followers of Jesus Christ by instilling in them convictions about God and eternal realities as passed on by the Word of God and the traditions of the Syro-Malabar Church

To transform them into spiritually, morally, emotionally, socially, mature disciples of the Lord            The Department of Catechesis also aims at fulfilling the following tasks of catechesis:

Knowledge of Faith

Liturgical Education

Teaching how to pray

Education of Family/Community life

Missionary initiation

Vocation promotion/discernment