Youth Apostolate


Youth in the society for God’s Kingdom


          St. John Paul II


Formation of Christ-centered, family oriented, socially committed and self-esteemed youth and adults who are well established in faith and moral conduct.”


Create possibilities of coming together, form faith convictions, inculcate traditional and cultural practices, bring awareness about social realities and make them optimistic.”

Action plan (National Students: SMYM)

  • Chaplaincy in colleges and universities (identify 5 centers in 2018)
  • Region wise youth conference
  • Parish wise youth meet
  • Leadership camp
  • Summer camp
  • Youth survey
  • Implementation of SMYM Leadership structure in each parish
  • Election of National Leaders (by April2018)
  • Presentation of SMYM Bye-Law in each parish

Action plan (international Students)

  • Celebrate youth mass for international students on special occasions
  • Form a team for extending initial help for pick up from airport, getting proper accommodation facilities, getting SIN number, etc.
  • Orientation programmes
  • Integration of the international students into the family prayer units in each parish
  • International students’ meet thrice a year
  • Region wise cultural fest for the international students
  • Visit to the place of their accommodation(five parishes)
  • Visit to the college or university where they study(five colleges)
  • Regular contact with them either through mail or phone
  • Awareness campaign against social evils
  • Conduct youth retreat, youth conventions and youth sessions

 It is enough that you are young for me to love you (Don Bosco)


 Exarchate leaders