Evangelisation & Charismatic Renewal

  1. Charismatic in General

Charismatic renewal has started in our Church in 1967 in USA, spread to all parts of the catholic world. It had wonderful effects and influence on all states of Christian life. All the popes from 1967 to present day, Many Bishop’s Conferences, and Bishops have supported and encouraged Charismatic renewal. In order to promote and monitor the Worldwide Charismatic activities, there has been an office and International service team organized under the guidance of the Pope in Vatican.

  1. Exarchate attitude

 Since the Catholic Church all over the World accepted and recognized the Catholic Charismatic renewal, our Exarchate was formed, CCR activities were alive and wide spread among Syro-Malabar Catholics in Canada. There were prayer Groups and retreats in Charismatic Style.  So When the exarchate was established, it adopted the style and method of the CCR and promoted many retreats and prayer groups. The exarchate supported all prayer groups which were already existing and conducted many retreats.

  1. The Exarchate is open to Charismatic Renewal and recognized the prayer groups. There are many platforms where CCR is active. The exarchate is supporting them. For example, Divine Retreat Center, Shalom media, Sehion, Gethsemanes Ministries and Jesus Youth. In order to get, the Young |People back to Jesus, Catholic Church and Spiritual devotion, Jesus Youth is a good movement and a we support it.
  2. Every year, we conducted very many retreats. For Example, retreats led by Fr. Alex Tharamangalam, Fr. Soji Olickal, Fr. Shaji Thumpechirayil, Fr. Daniel Poovannthil Fr. Jose Vettiankal, Brother Sabu Aruthottiyil and many other priests and lay people. In a stress filled world, CCR is a great consoling and healing experience. Therefore, the people are taking this renewal in their heart. Let the Holy Spirit lead and heal the People.