Priests Welfare


In our Diocese there are 22 priests working either full time or part time.  It is a duty of Eparchy to look after and see the welfare of our priests. When they are working, they are getting the salary but, some of them need special insurance for health and when they retire we have to look after their welfare. They may not have enough Canadian pension plans, so we have to support them with finance. This is called ‘Priest Welfare’. In other dioceses, they have started special fund and collection for them. We have not yet started such a fund.

How do we start such a welfare fund?

1. The respective parishes where these priests are working now, can pay an amount for the Priest welfare.

2. Priests themselves can donate one-month salary to PWA.

3. We can ask the people for a contribution to PWA.

        With the support of all, we can keep a good welfare of our priest.