Social Services

Syro - Malabar Social Apostolate of Mississauga is a caring and supportive arm - an extension of the social apostolate of the Exarchate for Syro Malabar Catholics in Canada. It endeavours to serve, protect, preserve and enhance the quality of catholic family life, working collaboratively with individuals, parishes and communities in good faith.  It is driven by values of true love, compassion, mutual respect .and a bunch of helping people with a heart who work hard to promote inner healing, inspire hope and encourages our clients and beneficiaries to live an authentic faith filled life. The services are open to the needy and the distressed regardless of religious, economic and social considerations and are delivered in an open and inclusive environment adhering to the core values drawn from the principles of social justice, catholic morality, the right to access confidential support, acknowledging social, cultural and spiritual diversity.  We envision to grow as a community of true disciples of Jesus; continue to be evangelized and inspired deeper in faith, adhering to mutual trust and respect.

Who are the beneficiaries

Our services are for structured to serve individuals and families • Who are on the edge of their capability to manage resources and support. • Parents who are over- burdened and physically exhausted while managing the priorities of family, work and socially engaging      themselves. • Who are affected by family stress, adjustment, and adaptation and strains of day today life, • Those who are forced to up bring children with limited or no additional family supports, or struggling to guide kids who are on    the edge. • The aged, the frail, and the people in need of compassionate care, care givers, • Immigrants and students, who need to connect with resources and people in the initial years • Those who are in need of spiritually focused supports

Integrating community supports towards rediscovering happiness and sense of security.

Cherian Manathara


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Social Work Second Meeting


International Students Meeting at St. Alphonsa Cathedral International students meet