Nurses Ministry





Nurses Ministry had its begging at St. Mary’s church Dubai in 2003. It is an outcome of a spiritual gathering of a group of nurses who realized the unique and ample scope of nurses in the field of evangelization. It was officially acknowledged and approved by bishops of the vicariates Southern and   Northern Arabia.

                  Today it has extended to ten different countries of the world. In connection with the international day of nurses His Excellency Mar Jose Kalluvelil established a wing of nurses ministry by a circular (May 11th 2017, Port no.78/2017). As aresult a team of nurses ministry from Dubai visited different ‘regional gathering’ (parish units) of the Exarchate in November 2017.


   Nurses Ministry is a catholic nurses movement with a charismatic spirituality committed to the caring and healing ministry of the Jesus Christ. The nursing profession is a ‘call’ a ‘vocation’ and a ‘mission’ to proclaim the Lord. Nursing care starts from womb to the tomb and every person encounters a nurse at least once in a life time. A nurse who recognized the ‘call’ of the profession can intervene the life of sick and lead them to the divine healer-Jesus Christ.

The essence of the nurses ministry is to lead nurses more closed to Jesus Christ and experience His divine providence. The prime objective of nurses ministry is the evangelization of nurse in the whole world. The ministry believes that a nurse who is evangelized is an evangelizer.


The strength of this ministry is its focus on a life centered on Jesus Christ .The five pillars of nurses ministry are personal prayer, word of God, Sacraments, Fellow ships and Evangelization.


Evangelization of nurses around  the world .


Main goals of the  ministry are person to person evangelization, prayer group/fellowship, outreach, intercession for a healthy parish, national gathering, spiritual trainings, formation, media/news letter/website. 


 Exarchate Team