Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic, family, fraternal benefit society founded in 1882 by Venerable Michael McGivney, an American Priest who died at a young age of 38 and whose cause for sainthood is being considered by the Catholic Church.  A Knight accepts the teaching authority of the Catholic Church on matters of faith and morals and aspires to live in accord with the precepts of the Catholic Church, that is, he is a practical Catholic.  As Knights, we support our parishes, serving as “the strong right arm” of our priests and bishops, standing in solidarity with them and providing them with whatever spiritual and temporal support they need.


Of the four principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism, the first one, Charity, is the basis of all we do as Knights and as Catholics.  “And now there remain faith, hope and charity”, writes St. Paul, “but the greatest of these is charity”.


In the words of our Supreme Chaplain, Archbishop William Lori, if we want to become permanent citizens of the Kingdom of God, then our passport, our PR card, is charity. No organization is more committed to the pope’s message of charity, unity and reaching out to those on the margins than the Knights of Columbus.


By working together, the Knights of Columbus having a total membership of more than 2 million, were able to collectively donate more than $178 million, volunteering more than 75 million hours of service, in one year alone, according to the 2016 data available.  The Knights’ charitable activities include Disaster Relief, Christian Refugee Relief Fund, Vocations, Culture of Life, Food for Families, assisting persecuted Christians everywhere and in particular, Iraq and Syria, to name a few.


Central to our Order’s identity, and the driving force behind our founding, is the care of the widow and children of a departed brother.  Today, our insurance program is strong and thriving, providing a safety net for Catholic families that is unparalleled.  There is no other highly rated insurer in North America than the Knights of Columbus which maintain the highest ethical standards.  Whether it is life insurance or annuities from the Knights, the funds are secure and invested in accordance with Catholic Doctrine.


With foresight and forethought of our Bishop, H.E. Jose Kalluvelil, and under the able leadership and guidance of our Chaplain and Pastor, Msgr. Sebastian Arikat, St. Alphonsa Council #16624 was formed on January 23, 2017. Within a short period of its existence, in addition to the support and assistance given to our church, both financial and others, members of our Council have been really Good Samaritans by raising more than $12,000 including the current charity program we have on hand, and our work of charity is not merely confined to our Church and its parishioners but also to members of other community in need.


Our success and achievement did not go unnoticed as we were given the covetous “Ten Star Council Award” by the Supreme Council which is a first for any Council in North America.


To know more about our Council or the Knights of Columbus in general, please contact:


Aloysius Mekkunnel

Grand Knight

St. Alphonsa Council

Tel: 647 890 3740